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Technological evolution and Design

FERPLAST industrial philosophy is bonded to some core values: manufacturing all its articles, screws included, using AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel to make them corrosion resistant, highly hygienic as well as long lasting and easy to clean; the whole production covered by a 20 years’ warranty; the Made in Italy brand assured worldwide by carrying out the entire production cycle in Italy, at our factory in Casale Corte Cerro, in Piedmont where there is a long-standing tradition for top quality, excellent workforce.

In 2012 FERPLAST set up the Research&Development Department to implement and continuously enhance its production.

Mauro Musciatelli, the R&D Department responsible, is the creator of the innovative TOP VALVE, a non return valve, and SLIMKIT, the ideal solution to any installation requirement. In addition to these two innovative products REVOLUTION has been recently introduced: a floor drain with a snap-in grate for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The 2015 novelty by FERPLAST is the 900x100 and 600x100mm LINEARDRAIN IN-TILE line designed to create a total integration between the drain channel and the surrounding floor.
The 2017 new launch is MODULAR LINEARDRAIN IN-TILE with a standard extension from 200 to 1200mm with an innovative 40mm width.



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TOP VALVE, which can be combined with most of FERPLAST floor drains and channels, consists of two parts: a thermoplastic recyclable ABS body and a silicone membrane designed to open automatically when water flows and to tightly seal when water has passed. It prevents bad odors and insects coming up from the drain as well as sewage backflow flooding.


• Fast and easy to install and replace
• Easy to clean and maintain
• High temperature and corrosion resistant
• Stop to odors, insects and sewage backflow

NEW TOP VALVE for articles with vertical outlet ø 51mm

• 103/T51V
• 103S/T51V
• LINEARDRAIN, all series
• P15


FERPLAST ideal solution to any installation requirements, including minimum screed height. SLIMKIT consists of two parts made from ABS plastic, a base and an adaptor with a temporary cover. SLIMKIT perfectly complements TOP VALVE and can be used with most of the 150x150mm floor drains. SLIMKIT gives the opportunity to install the stainless steel floor drain of your choice only at the end of works and, in future, to change an installed one without damaging the floor finish


• Minimum installation heights (from 75 to 52mm)
• Ideal for renovation and new installations
• No site debris into the drainpipe during works
• Opportunity to change an installed drain without damaging the floor finish




NEW BASE with outlet ø 50mm compatible

with most of FERPLAST products.


The innovative REVOLUTION line is characterized by 150x150 and 100x100mm floor drains with a snap-in grate which, being screwless, makes installation and maintenance very easy.